When I first started this project back in 2021 I didn’t know I would use it to help my daughters. "Pajaritos Golf Co.", a golf brand created with a mission to promote diversity and inclusion in the game of golf, especially for the Latino community. Founded by a passionate golfer and a proud father of twin daughters, Pajaritos Golf Co is not just a brand, but a platform that aims to support young aspiring golfers, especially those from
underrepresented communities
With every purchase of Pajaritos
Golf Co products, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting the founder's twin daughters' school golf expenses, equipment, fees and to also hopefully reach a level to help towards funding various golf programs and initiatives in Latino communities.
Pajaritos Golf Co will offer a wide range of golf products, including golf apparel and accessories that cater to golfers of all levels. The brand's unique and vibrant designs are inspired by Latino culture and heritage, making it a perfect choice for golfers who want to showcase their pride and style on the golf course.
Pajaritos Golf co is more than just a golf brand; it's a movement that strives to break down barriers and create opportunities for the Latino community to excel in the sport of golf. Join the movement and support the cause with Pajaritos Golf Co.